So the past few weeks I’ve been knitting (or at least attempting to). Here was my inspiration:

Paula Bianco Chunky Knit Wrap Scarf via Shopbop

And so far here’s my attempt:

Okay so I know it looks FAR from what I want it to look like but at least I’m trying right? And keep in mind that I learned how to knit via youtube (oh, what would this world be without youtube). I still have a long long way to go on this scarf so who knows… I have to say that it definitely is therapeutic, and the thought of being able to knit my own scarf for the winter is pretty fun (and cost-effective!).

So while browsing the net on knitting techniques I came across an artist, Magda Sayeg, otherwise known as the Mother of Yarn Bombing. Check out her work below:

Photos via Magda Sayeg

Pretty amazing right? You have to give this woman points for creativity! And patience!

  1. Erika said:

    hahaha I always get excited when I see something knit up in NY …maybe you can teach me how to knit now 😉

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